I love hearing from my PLN & visiting different cities, states, & countries spreading the Daring Librarian ed tech transliteracy revolution message!  Even though I am a Teacher-Librarian, I do believe my message goes beyond the library walls and is applicable for all subject areas of education and ed tech. As a member of the ISTE Board of Directors, I proudly represent ALL PK-12 educators!

International Speaker:

It has been my honor & privilege to be invited to be a keynote and featured speaker at several state Library & Technology conferences including: MASL, CASL, NCSLMA, MSET, METC, WEMTA, MACUL, AISL, and was invited by Syba Signs of Australia to go on a three city speaking tour with Dr. Joyce Valenza to the cities of Sydney, Adelaide, and Perth!

I am available for keynote and featured speaking engagements but my schedule is painfully limited due to the fact that I am a full time middle school teacher-librarian & technology specialist and my school & my students will always come first.

However, it is an honor to represent my school, district, and the state of Maryland. So, I look and evaluate each flattering invitation to visit & speak carefully. Priority will be given to those engagements that span a weekend, during summer, or over a school break. Priority will also be placed on those destinations I have yet to visit, or are inherently cool or exotic. I’m looking at you Great Britain, Austin Texas, Newfounland, & Saskatoon! I also try and make time for my PLN colleagues and states or districts that are under Ed Tech fire and that need me. I have my cape at the ready!

Two of my signature keynotes of the moment are:

(Over 20,000+ Views on Slideshare: An extension of an Op-Ed piece I was asked to write for the New York Times)

(Over 100,000 views on Slideshare)

Here are some of the session titles that are part of this year's repertoire.

  1. Bullet QR Codes in the Classroom

  2. Bullet How to be a Presentation Ninja!

  3. Bullet Transparency is the New Black (both worskhop & presentation)

  4. Bullet Transliteracy, Advocacy, & The Remix YouTube Generation

  5. Bullet Engaging & Leveraging Mobile Media

  6. Bullet Secrets of a Ninja Warrior Filter Fighter (Q: can you *have* too many Ninja themed presos? A: No!)

  7. Bullet Community Connections and the Social Media Revolution

  8. Bullet Easy Animation for Instant Engagement

  9. Bullet Gadget A-Go-Go: Tasty Tools, & Sweet Sites that Engage Learning Now

Feel free to contact me for my fees & terms.  Please note, even though I have a rider for a pack of Tropical or Wild Berry Skittles® I am NOT a Diva!


Press-related questions should be sent to gwynethanne @ gmail (dot) com. Please include your deadline, your phone number, what hours you’re available, a description of the article you’re working on, and what questions you wish for me to address. Heck, I’m super flattered you thought of me!

Got a Technical or Design Question?

I never mind answering tech or design questions but please search my blogs, wikis, & this web page before contacting me. I’ve been writing and blogging for years and probably have already answered your question in detail - with pictures! In other words, please do you homework before asking for my help - saves us both loads of time! YAY!


Please do not send me press releases or product announcements of things that you want me to blog about. I can guarantee you that I will not blog about them as a result. I am oppositional defiant and I do not enjoy receiving spam from companies advertising their products no matter how cleverly you couch it....unless it’s accompanied by offers of lavish consultant compensation, travel, limo drivers, hotel suites, hoodies, or at least a bag of Tropical or Wild Berry Skittles®.

Graduate Students:

Looking for advice about grad or a doctoral program? Read this excellent article from Danah Boyd.


My email is: gwynethanne @ gmail [dot] com. In general, please feel free to write to me! I love hearing from my Tweeps & PLN, but please understand if I can’t respond right away or if I have to say no to your request, as I am a full time school librarian and my kids will always come first!  Also, please search my blog first for the answer to your query  -  9 times outta 10 the answer is there. :-) Cheers! ~Gwyneth 

Feel free to follow & reach me on Twitter, too! @gwynethjones

The above was heavily cribbed from Danah Boyd who I adore and find to be a brilliant role model regarding all things interwebs for techie chick geeks & change agents.


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